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With EventEasy, you can create a stunning event website that perfectly showcases your brand while providing all the information your attendees need.

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Plus, you can easily integrate it with social media platforms to boost your reach and we can run marketing campaigns for you online.

You are looking for a reliable and efficient event software that simplifies the planning process, that is what we are here for.

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Have a Look at some EventEasy Events:

The Virtual Student Investment Competition

Global VCIC is the world’s largest venture capital competition with over 120 university and graduate school teams competing.
We have happily hosted the VCIC annually since 2020.


Checkout the AMANS Spring Conference

This year, our conference is being held virtually and the Spring conference planning committee has worked hard to put together a memorable schedule.

AMANS Spring Conference

Welcome to the CUSF 1st Annual Canadian Student Sport Shooting Conference

Announcing the 1st Annual Canadian Student Sport Shooting Conference! On Saturday May 1st we have a variety of exciting speakers lined up from the industry, Team Canada, the CUSF and our awesome sponsors! Our Annual General Meeting will happen over the lunch hour.

CUSF Conference


Our software and support do the work so you don't have to.

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We made everything as simple and intuitive as possible for both your experience and the attendees.

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Event Easy was a fantastic help in running my Annual General Meeting, they have everything we need and the simpleness of their system makes everyone able to participate.

Events Manager

EventEasy provided our organization with a great marketing campaign on top of hosting our Fall Event!

Marketing Expert

Event Easy took away the constant headache I had from jamming together various legacy solutions to achieve what I wanted in a Hybrid event.

Events Manager

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